When it comes to automobiles, it comes to security, maintenance, management etc. Here arises our vision , vision to maintain, vision to secure your vehicle(s), vision to manage your fleet and take your business to top level.
Our only motive is to satisfy our customers and provide them with world class products and to introduce them to the next generation technologies spread all across the globe. Our 24-hour customer support is always up to help you in any sort of doubts or in case of any other need of assistance.
We won't give you any chance to complaint about our relationship. Why would we? Your security is our business.
We are a small family providing world class services to the world from past 15 years. Our name in the industry boasts about its expertise in High Quality hardware along with world class software.
We are also leading exporters of Security & Tracking hardware in Europe and various countries in Asia. We have been providing Web, Mobile and Desktop based controls for your security and management which has not even initiated by any of our competitors.

©Fortune Telematics has given me a extraordinary in budget solution. I can expand & manage my fleet because they are here to take care of.

Rakesh Kumar,West Delhi

This solution helped me finding my brand new car which theives took away. Thanks.

Pramod Chauhan,Laxmi nagar,Delhi

This solution now made me more going through in my business of transportation as now i get the real ROI which i shoundn't have never without this. I am suggesting my other transporter frieds too.